Bucket elevators

CaReDi’s ECA model bucket elevator is suitable for the transport of loose materials vertically, with a variable flow rate from low to high, depending on the model.
The motor varies according to the scope and the unloading height, in all cases the engine is equipped with backstop to prevent clogging during sudden stops to lift the load.
The conveyor is composed of a foot and a head connected through the suitably sized chutes that are bolted on.
A belt runs inside the structure, complete with buckets, which is driven by two pulleys. The tow pulley (coated in rubber) is located on the head and is controlled by a gearmotor at right angles to the hollow shaft. The idler pulley (formed by a cage) is on the inside of the foot which can be equipped with revolution sensors and a lane guard system on request (there is also the self-cleaning version to minimise pollution).
The head is fitted with a pull system for the pulley alignment regardless of carpentry. The foot is provided with a screw fixing system for tensioning the belt.
The buckets come in various sizes and materials, depending on the material to be transported, and the flow rate required.
The first chute has a spy hole for inspection and any necessary maintenance, the other chutes may be equipped with an overpressure safety panel.


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