About us: our story

The story of a dream

CaReDi is the story of a dream. The dream of three young men, Carlo, Renzo and Dino, and of an entire generation that made a courageous and tenacious decision back in 1972 to set off on a new adventure. A dream that gave way to singular passion and integrity which, over the years, has renewed and accentuated the goals themselves in a constant effort to discover new solutions. This is how a small workshop transforms into an establishment. The success of the machines and the demands of the market soon led to broadening, building and diversifying the systems and products. The first simple screw conveyors, and the first bucket elevators became machines. From there came the development and production of mixers, mills, conveyors and dosing machines, in a constant effort to find technical improvements and innovative solutions. CaReDi Snc, in the world of feedstuff, grew to become synonymous with reliability, robustness, accuracy and prestige. Today, with the sons Alessandro, Stefano and Michele at the helm, CaReDi Srl designs, builds and develops its machines. It checks every step of the cycle using a proven quality system and positions itself on the market as a point of reference right at the technological forefront, boasting a wide and loyal customer base in the animal feed segment. All this while still valuing its origins and the importance of a handshake. We are proud of our history and of a consolidated present; certain of a future that will see the success of our customers as our success. The dream continues.

Company profile

Thanks to a continuous process of development, as time has gone on, the characteristically artisanal company has transformed into an industrial reality. One that deals with the very largest Italian industries, and it able to distinguish itself for the ability to manufacture equipment and machinery that are both efficient and reliable in time.
100% ITALIAN PRODUCTION is still a point of strength today for the quality of the product.
Construction of complete turnkey systems tailored to the requirements of the customer for the production of animal feed and pet food and pellets, as well as all machines for the processing and transport of the material are carried out entirely in our plant, using high quality materials and qualified staff.
The development of the work order follows the entire cycle, from establishing the customer’s requirements, defining the design, to the construction itself and the installation on-site.

Company policy

PEOPLE, THE REAL CORPORATE CAPITAL: we believe in the development of human resources with particular focus on the development of individual and interpersonal skills, encouraging responsibility and participation.


SATISFYING THE CUSTOMER IS OUR GOAL: we strive on a daily basis to satisfy our customers by carefully listening to their needs. We build a solid and enduring partnership with our customers based on mutual trust.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: this is the credo of our company that is nourished by the past to improve the present and the future.


Ca.Re.Di. s.r.l.
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Telefono: +39 0422 94073
Fax: +39 0422 94812

Tax data

REA:TV 263118
C.S. I.V.: 102 000,00