Ca.Re.Di’s MMC or MD model hammermill is a machine which is used particularly in industrial plants for fine grinding of products which are difficult to use as animal feed (mills, feed mills, etc.) and in some plants for grinding by-products. The operation of the mill is based on the principle of crushing the product through impact of the hammers on the material. The grinder essentially consists of a grinding chamber (housing), inside which a single or a pair of rotors rotate fitted with carrier disks with multiple rows of articulated beaters (hammers). The rows are staggered so that the product, if it does not fall within the field of action of the hammers of a given row, can be crushed and pulverized by the hammers of the next row.
When the product is crushed to the desired fineness, it exits through the semi cylindrical grill (sieve) mounted in the lower part of the housing. The separated flour therefore falls into the underlying hopper to be sucked by the pneumatic transporter or by another conveyor component. The double impeller hammermill is ideal for those who want a “rounded” grinding of the product, i.e. rich in semolina. This result is obtained thanks to the extremely violent impact and the downward blow effect which occur in the tangential area which can reach speeds of 150-200 m/sec. An energetic suction pneumatic system further increases this effect.


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