CaReDi’s MOV model horizontal mixer is a machine that is essentially indicated for the preparation of balanced feed with the presence of many components also of different specific weights.
The material to be mixed is introduced into the mixer housing which contain the agitators (blades-plowshares-helicals), which force the product into a rotary movement in addition to an internal movement contrary to the external mass that produces the desired mixing after a predetermined time. Maximum precision mixing and complete discharge system thanks to the correct positioning of the blades. Prevention of contamination thanks to the type of discharge gate and its seal.
This machine is designed for use with a fluid injection kit, which is commonly used in the manufacture of animal feed and pet-food. It can be equipped with pre-loading and unloading containers in order to speed up the production cycles.
A suction system with filter and an air recycling system is also available.
It is available in three different sizes: 1000, 2000 and 4000 litres.


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