The study and preliminary design of industrial installations allows us to define the general layout, with the various solutions, which encompass the criteria defined and the production processes of the machines, with particular attention paid to the requirements of productivity and operational efficiency sought by the customer.
Continuous care and experience is exercised in the dimensioning of the machines and the installations, for the subsequent step of assembly and use of the machines, while taking care to consider the correct and possible areas of movement, constitute our keenest know-how in the company even today.


CaReDi offers a team comprising technical and production managers, who develop and coordinate the work order, communicating the technical choices, and verifying the qualitative standards of all components.
It is their task to check the equipment being built and to carry out the testing and inspection of the material right up until shipment.


A supervisor, flanked by a team of experts, provides support at the installation phase, forming and coordinating the teams of local technical staff who in turn are qualified to head up the teams selected in accordance with the laws in force, working in close coordination with the technical offices and capable of constructing systems and machinery that conform perfectly to the designs.
The testing operations are preceded by careful checks and verification of the machinery assembled.
The service is completed with the formation of teams of local technical staff who manage and maintain the machinery.

After care

Customer service is guaranteed by a team of experts who are ready to intervene where needed.
In addition to the provision of user and maintenance manuals, the customer staff is trained in the correct operation of the machinery.
The spare parts warehouse, the historical archive, the sales network, customer services and last but not least the emergency intervention services are all elements that guarantee maximum reliability of the plants
Customer satisfaction and a quick and efficient response to its needs represent the constant commitment assumed by all CaReDi employees


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