Screw Conveyors

The screw conveyor manufactured by CaReDi is also used for transporting bulk material with a medium-low flow rate.
Its strong point is its simplicity. It consists, in fact, of a helical coil, constructed out of carbon steel, stainless or high abrasion resistance steel, welded in its internal diameter onto the drive shaft. Usually at one end there is a flanged support, and at the opposite end there is a gearmotor which can be fitted parallel or perpendicular to the hollow shaft. The machine can be equipped with revolution and anti-clogging control sensors.
The rotatory motion ensures that the product is pushed forwards by the propeller of the coil itself. The pitch of the coil is chosen according to the type of material to be transported. Depending on use, the coil can have a constant or variable pitch. The helical also can be left or right depending on the direction of transport (there is also the solution with the intermediate supply of material that allows for the coexistence of the two cases). The control element comprises a gearmotor, generally located on one end of the machine, which transmits the movement to the drive shaft directly or by means of a sprocket and chain transmission or a belt and pulleys. The material to be transported is introduced in the upper part of the screw conveyor usually by a loading hopper designed to receive the material and direct it inside the conveyor. The material is unloaded by gravity or by pushing through the offloading spouts that are located in the lower part of the machine. Gates are then used to manage the end uses in the event that there are two or more outlets.
The auger can be configured on the basis of the use for which it is intended (conveyor, extraction, mixing) and may have one or more axle (single, double, quadruple) and longitudinal housings (with intermediate supports).


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