Vertical coolers

Ca.Re.Di s.r.l.’s RTC model vertical cooler is a machine that is used in plants that process pellets in bulk.
The hot pellet enters into the cooler housing through the rotary feeder.
The cold air enters the housing through the extractor grill and cools the pellet.
A fan connected to the suction hood supplies the flow of cooling air from the bottom up. The cooler housing is fitted with two level probes.
The minimum level indicator maintains the pellet layer in the container at a constant level. This indicator is height adjustable for variable operations depending on the machine model and the type of product to be cooled. When the indicator is covered with pellet, the mobile grill is started by the gearmotor. The maximum level indicator mounted on the upper part of the housing stops the product from flowing into the container in the event of a failure or incorrect adjustment of the adjustable grill, preventing excessive filling.
In order to distribute the pellet load more evenly throughout the entire cooler areas, a pyramidal shape distributor of varying dimensions depending on the model is mounted below the outlet of the rotary feeder.


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